All Organix snacks come with their ‘No Junk Promise’; a promise to parents that they use only the best organic ingredients, with nothing unnecessary added, no salt, no artificial colours or flavourings.

Veggie Mini Mix Ups, 9+ months, RRP £0.70 for single packs and £2.30 for multipack

These new puffs are made with real organic vegetables, designed to give little ones a taste of grown-up, savoury flavours  including: Carrot & Beetroot, Parsnip and Green Pea. They are baked not fried and uniquely tasty! Organix knows that what little ones are fed during the weaning stage supports them in having a healthy relationship with food in later life, so have created the Green Pea Stars, Carrot & Beetroot Hearts and Parsnip Hoops to give little ones a head start on learning to love veggie flavours. The new mini shapes also make snack time more fun, letting little hands explore shapes and encouraging self-feeding by helping the development of the pincer grip.

Melty Veggie Sticks, 7+ months, RRP £0.70 for single packs and £2.30 for multipack 

Our veggie sticks only include organic corn which is gently baked into chunky shapes that are easy to grab, hold and happily munch. Packed with scrummy organic veg, they are baked not fried and are packed with veggies to keep on-the-go little ones satisfied throughout the day. They are made with the best organic ingredients, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Little Ruskits 6+ months, RRP £1.75 for pack of 10

These are brilliantly versatile – providing  a perfect first weaning food when mashed with milk for babies aged six months +, and when they’re ready for finger foods, can be served whole from 8 months +.

They’re organic, contain 33 % less sugar than other branded baby rusks and they’re:

  • Made with a blend of wheat flour, milk and grape juice and flavoured with vanilla extract
  • Suitable from 6+ months mixed with milk, 8+months served whole as a finger food
  • Stockists: Now available at Organix Online Shop, Tesco and Sainsbury’s

Tomato & Herb Gruffalo Claws 12+ months, RRP £2 for multipack of 4 bags

Take the Gruffalo along for the adventure with these delicious Tomato & Herb snacks. We are sure they will go down a treat but if this flavour isn’t a favourite with your little monsters then there is also BBQ and Cheese and Onion to choose from!

Jammie Monster Rocket fun plate 

This Jammie Monster and Melon fun plate is perfect for kids and toddlers and definitely adds some monster fun to snacktime! Combining a quarter of a watermelon with a cantaloupe melon, and a green apple, pop on a Jammy monster biscuit and prepare for take off! It provides a great way to help your little ones to try new tastes and textures. Make sure to eat this toddler fruit recipe on the same day as it is prepared to ensure freshness!

Hummingbird Oaty Bar fun plate

This little hummingbird fun plate is easy to recreate and little ones will love getting involved to make their own. Combining Orange and apple slices with an Organix Soft Choco Orange oaty bar, plus a halved strawberry and blueberry for the eyes , it’s both simple and tasty, and with its flowery shapes, it’s ideal to make over the Easter period when spring flowers will abound.