Photos copyright Regina D. Utyasheva

 The Land of Legends is a huge open-air museum demonstrating prehistoric and Viking settlement; it is a fascinating destination for the whole family. This exciting tourist attraction brings 10,000 years of Danish history to life.  As you leave your car in the large car park and go through the wide gates you walk into Stone Age, Iron Age, and Viking Age. The historical ambience is comprehensive with the settlement, villages, houses and huts.

You can participate in the weekly artisan workshops: weaving, pottery and smithy all in this beautiful landscape. Families can experience prehistoric life; you can try archery and warrior training to feeding wild boar and meeting old breeds of livestock and domestic animals.

Land of Legends features markets, living workshops with costumed craftspeople and a chance to taste real Viking food. It’s a safe haven for children (no cars), there are exciting things everywhere just waiting to be tried, touched, seen and experienced.  Historical games and challenges, sail in a hollowed out tree trunk, chop wood with an iron-age axe, grind corn, bake bread on a stick over a fire and bake biscuits over an open fire as in the Viking Age and much more.


As you wander around the vast acreage of this picturesque setting, with hills, woods, small lakes and meadows, families can either watch or live out the daily life and chores of an ancient family.  The main feedback is its hard work, but great fun. Our sophisticated technology driven children will find staying here a new experiences, but back to nature allows them to explore, relax and actually be kids again!

The shop, in Sagnlandet, building is shaped like a Viking trading ship with a great selection of ancient replicas, pots and vessels from prehistory to the 19th century, axes, knives, strike-a-lights, beautifully turned wooden bowls, hand-knitted sweaters inspired by the imagery of prehistory and much more. See the website for accommodation both at Land of Legends and locally plus excellent events http://Sagnlandet Lejre – Land of Legends  45 KM from Copenhagen in Denmark


Angavallen – Farm and Hotel

Frederikssund Viking Settlement and Play 45 KM from Copenhagen in Denmark

Foteviken Viking Town & Museum Höllviken  50 KM from Copenhagen in Sweden

Roskilde Viking Ship Museum 35 KM from Copenhagen in Denmark

Vikinga Tider Löddeköpinge, 65 KM from Copenhagen in Sweden

Trelleborg Viking Fortress, 100km from Copenhagen in Demark

Viking Fortress Trelleborg, 60 km from Copenhagen Sweden

The Viking Experiences and the Viking Games