· 60% of British parents admit they have no choice but to ‘power through’ daily family life when they become unwell.

· More than half (55%) of parents take on all household chores to give their other half time to rest, whilst 40% offer to take the kids out.

· Four in five (82%) parents appreciate the support given by their partners, who take a lead on parental responsibilities when they’re unwell.

· Seven in ten (79%) parents use multivitamins and healthy eating to support their family’s immune system.

· This Valentine’s Day, Brits are encouraged to gift their households a dose of kindness and spread the love by supporting the health and wellbeing of their family.

According to new research from family wellness brand, Zarbee’s, the average British family goes through more than 12 illnesses a year, with common colds, coughs and sore throats being the most frequent sicknesses families experience. Valentine’s is a time where Brits express their love to the people they care about most, stereotypically with chocolates, flowers and cards, however this year, Zarbee’s is encouraging the nation to spread the love with small acts of kindness that can support the whole family’s health and wellbeing.

The Importance of the Family’s Wellbeing

The challenges of family life including cough and colds mean that two thirds of parents (66%) feel constantly unwell; it seems, the importance of supporting the family’s wellbeing is undisputed. Acts of kindness by parents include getting their family to take multivitamins (62%), ensuring their children get the recommended amount of sleep (48%) and encouraging the family to get plenty of fresh air (51%). By supporting the family with a wellness* product, such as Zarbee’s Immune Support supplements for adults and kids enriched with essential vitamins, parents can support their loved one’s immune system* every day, all year-round

Family Dynamics

When one member of the family becomes sick, the wellbeing and positivity of the whole household is impacted and in fact, a third (35%) of parents admit that sickness takes a toll on the relationship with their other half, with lack of sleep (67%), general frustration (48%) and becoming short-tempered and irritated with their partner for the small things (40%), contributing to this. When dry or chesty coughs strike, they often impact the comfort and quality of sleep. Taking a soothing and effective blend of naturally sourced pure honey, glycerol and ivy leaf extract, such as Zarbee’s Cough & Sore Throat Syrup can soothe the discomfort of nighttime coughing.

A representative from Zarbee’s says: “Our research shows that when one parent is run down, the relationship with their children or their partner can be impacted. 

A family’s wellbeing is also a priority for parents who are already using, or consider using, multivitamins to support their family’s immune system* all year-round. This Valentine’s, we’re encouraging everyone to spread the love within the household with a daily dose of kindness in the form of immune support* supplements, that will help the whole family to feel its best.”

Overcoming Challenges

Almost two thirds (60%) of parents have a ‘power through it’ attitude towards their daily family life when they’re unwell. When it comes to coughs and colds, nearly nine in ten (86%) put their children before themselves by ensuring they get their medicine and taking care of them.

Not being able to just stop when necessary is cited by over half (58%) of parents polled as the root cause of them feeling more ill now, than they ever did pre-children. Parents also reported that lack of rest (54%) and catching coughs and colds from children who are building their immune system (40%) are some of the reasons why parents are feeling worse than ever.

Couple Caring

To show their loved ones they care, parents will try and make things easier for their partners when they’re unwell, by taking on all household chores (55%), doing the school or nursery run (41%) whilst two fifths (40%) will take the children out of the house, to give the other parent space. In fact, a dose of kindness goes a long way with 82% claiming they would return the favour and take the lead on parental responsibilities when their other half became unwell. These are just some of the small acts of kindness that we can show one another this Valentine’s Day to keep the whole family happy and healthy.