Dusty’s Wildlife Rangers at UK Wetland Centres

 Children of all ages can join Dusty Duck, pick up their very own log book and become real-life wildlife rangers at WWT Wetland Centres across the UK this summer holiday.  A full day of discovery and adventure awaits families with a wide variety of wildlife ranger activities being held at our nine UK centres including:

  • Wetland camp survival – learn outdoor survival skills with our expert wetland rangers, with everything from den building to whittling and starting fires without matches
  • Ranger training – track animals and learn how to be a ranger by going on an expert-led mini safari on our wild reserves
  • Wildlife recording – follow the 4 essential W’s (what, where, when and who) of wildlife recording like a professional ranger
  • Tribal Tracks – join our tribe at our wetland tepees.  Make natural headdresses and follow footprints and other clues to track a mystery animal
  • Geocache trails – find secret locations around our reserve
  • Make your own wildlife movie – become a nature documentary maker and film your own wildlife movie and enter it into our competition
  • Canoe safaris – paddle through beautiful waterways and come face to face with kingfishers, water voles, dragonflies and other wetland wonders
  • Mini raft building – make your own raft from wetland materials and see how long it will float
  • Pond exploring – discover what lies beneath the waters of a pond? Grab a net and find out!
  • …and lots, lots more

Children can write about, draw and record their findings and experiences in their log books, just like our rangers do, as a permanent reminder of their wild day out.

Activities vary between centres

wwt.org.uk/wildliferangers for details of all the Dusty’s Wildlife Rangers activities taking place at each of our Wetland Centres and do something a little bit different this summer holiday.

Scott Petrek, one of WWT’s real life wildlife rangers said:

“I love being a wildlife ranger for WWT and helping to care for and protect our amazing wetland animals.  We thought families would welcome the chance to experience what it’s like to be a ranger through a series of fun-packed, mini adventures, including activities that I do as part of my day to day job.  Hopefully, we’ll also inspire some of our younger visitors to become the wildlife rangers of the future, helping to create a world where healthy wetland nature thrives and enriches lives.”